Rural Duluth Wind Damage Case Study





See how a simple roof repair becomes an entire roofing project:

It All Starts With A Call…

The most recent windstorm in Duluth caused a few shingles to become pulled free from the customer’s roof, and he luckily noticed it before it caused any major leaking. This observation prompted a call to Empire asking for our help. We immediately came to their assistance and performed a temporary leak repair to prevent further damages.

Time To Work With The Insurance Company…

The homeowner called their insurance company and an adjuster evaluation time was set. Empire met the adjuster and made sure that all known damages were recorded. After the claim was processed, the homeowner received the insurance estimate to do a repair to the damaged shingles. Empire attempted the repair but found the roof unrepairable due to the old age of the existing shingles. This was relayed to the insurance company, and the estimate was altered to now replace the entire roof.

Time For A New Roof!

Empire met with the homeowner and a date was picked for the project and the shingle colors were chosen. Empire showed up first thing in the A.M. on the day of the project and the roofing was completed by that same afternoon. Upon completion, the site was cleaned and thoroughly inspected for any debris.

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